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Profitability Insurance, Part 1 of 2

June 7, 2011 , ,

(First in a 2-part series.)

“There are 3 things that can happen on a forward pass, and two of them are bad.”

– Woody Hayes, former Ohio State Head Football Coach

Woody Hayes was right of course. Woody was also a very conservative play-caller. We liked that about Woody. But what Woody didn’t say is how great it felt to score on a deep throw. One well-timed pass and you can be instantly ahead of your competition.

What if we were to take Woody’s phrase and apply it to businesses with mobile workers across the U.S. staring down this tough economy, who are trying to maintain their profit margins? How would they see their options?

Well, as we see it, most businesses have two main options to maintain profitability:

  1. Raise prices. Not a bad idea, until your smaller competitors with less overhead start stealing customers. And do you really want to raise prices on your loyal customers who are hurting, just like you?
  1. Lay off employees and/or cut benefits. Those trained, experienced laid-off workers are going to go right down the street and work for your competitors, aren’t they? And if you cut benefits, the employees you keep will be scared, worried and potentially resentful. After all, it’s not their fault, right?

Neither one of these options sounds good, does it? Why? Because they are short-term solutions and let’s face it – you are not on offense – you’re playing defense.

But what if there was a realistic third alternative to keeping your mobile workers – and back office employees in tune with your profit goals? One that:

  1. Gives you a real-time view into your mobile workers daily activities, helping you to effectively manage payroll, verify time spent on-site, reduce fuel costs and even get to more jobs?
  2. If used effectively (don’t worry, we’ll show you how), puts money back into your organization immediately?
  3. You could try on your entire fleet for 60 days, completely risk-free, just so we can be sure that you see the real savings for yourself?
  4. Lets you keep all the money you saved during that 60-day trial? (Just kidding – we let everyone keep the money!)

That third option is Navtrak, and it is the proven, guaranteed way to reconnect your mobile workers to the back office, reduce expenses in the field AND maintain profitability without passing along the cost to your customers.

We call it “Profitability Insurance for the Mobile Workforce.


Next up: What is the Navtrak Promise, how does it mitigate my risk, and why should I care?

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