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Tour the Shore

September 9, 2011 , ,

Tim Fluharty & Jim Duncan (click to enlarge photo)

Navtrak’s “Tour the Shore” customer appreciation road show kicked off at Tilghman Island’s Fluharty Electric. Fluharty is Navtrak’s oldest (since 1999!), and most importantly – current – customer! Pictured is Tim Fluharty receiving a plaque commemorating our long history together from Navtak President Jim Duncan. Thanks to everyone at Fluharty, and we look forward to many more years together!

Check out more pics from our Fluharty trip on Facebook.

Would you like the mobile showroom to swing by your business? We’ll be in your part of Delmarva soon enough visiting our existing customers, and we would love to show you and your employees the latest in field service and mobile workforce technology.

Just head over to our website and fill out our Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch to schedule a stop!

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Hat’s off to Fluharty’s for having the courage to be the first to embrace Navtrak’s vision! It’s great to see – 10+ years in – that we’re still helping them get the job done, day-in, day-out. It’s great to see Doug embrace our new Droid app and give us feedback that will make it work better for Fluharty and the rest of our customers.

I’m honored to work for a company that knows what it takes to keep their clients satisfied, and proud to be able to reach out to our customers, through support, innovation or just a handshake of genuine appreciation for the way they drive us to offer a better service.

Jeffrey Gisriel

September 1, 2011

Check out more pics from
the Fluharty trip!


September 9, 2011

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